Christmas Tree Safety

Tree safety tips: Christmas Tree Safety Tips PDF for Printing

Always choose a freshly cut tree. To test a tree, strike the stump down on a firm surface. If needles fall off, the tree is too dry. Consider buying a live tree instead. You can plant it later to enjoy it for years to come. […]

Christmas Tree Care

Don’t get carried away with tree size! Choose a tree at least one foot less than the ceiling height. Room is needed to place the tree in the stand and place decorations on top of the tree. Make sure the bottom of the tree is long enough to be placed in the stand. About […]

Choosing a Real Tree

There are many types of trees used as Christmas Trees. Click on the tree type to see pictures:

The Firs: Douglas Fir | Balsam Fir | Fraser Fir | Canaan Fir | Grand Fir | Noble Fir | Nordmann Fir | White Fir/Concolor Fir.

The Pines: Scotch Pine | White Pine | Ponderosa Pine | […]

Real or Artificial?

Real or Artificial?

Did you know that the first artificial Christmas trees were wooden poles with dyed goose feathers attached to them? They were common in 19th Century Germany where deforestation for industrial development brought about a concerted conservation effort on the part of local residents. Ranging in size from just two inches […]